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Firelight 375 Flask


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    With 1-full sized tumbler and measuring in at 375ml, the Firelight 375 keeps your favorite cocktail at the perfect temperature all day long. Designed for your rough and tumble lifestyle, it fits easily into your purse or backpack. It’s vacuum insulated, leak-proof, with a brushed stainless steel construction and the 6-shooter tumbler magnetically attaches to your flask.

    Half for you, half for me… Why is it 375ml? Because drinking is better with friends. The Firelight 375 is built exactly for ½ a bottle of wine or liquor. So open your favorite single malt, split it between 2 Firelight 375’s, and meet your drinking buddy outside for some conversation and cribbage.

Customer Reviews

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Halfy bit a goodie

Perfect size for a quick half day anywhere. Solo hike or anything outdoor, the single cup is the way to go.

Chris H
Hell of a drink hauler

I travel quite a lot and wanted a flask for hauling pre-mixed cocktails rather than spending the $15+ drinks down at the bar. I like the flask better than the old style flasks for a number of reasons. 1. the mouth is wide and easy to pour into. The old hip flasks end up with stuff everywhere if you don't have a funnel. 2. it has a build in glass. 3. It's a little bigger than a lot of other flasks but not so big as to be a giant burden. 4. Looks clean AF.

Firelight 375 Flask in the Home Office for the Win

This flask is just awesome. I wanted a decanter in my home office...the modern, industrial look of the Firelight 375 Flask wins hands down!
My Firelight 375 Flask, without me, is useless. Without my Firelight 375 Flask, I am useless. I must sip from my Firelight 375 Flask true. I must shoot whiskey better than my enemy.

Steven Farnham
The best of all

I got a 375 and have used it a few times. It is easy to carry and use. Stays sealed and is tuff. The magnetic cup is so cool. Since I rarely travel alone, I just ordered and received a copper 750. I needed a second cup, so why not a 750 as it has two cups and I loved the copper look the best. It was sold out in the 375, so had to buy the stainless could not wait to try it out.

Now I have a fifth and a half to carry on our longer trips and wait for it THREE CUP!!!!. I have the 375 ready for our trip to Balloon Fest with chocolate whiskey and bourbon crème. The 750 will hold our fav, 101 Wild Turkey. or some Presidents cut from the famous Russell (Wild Turkey's Master Distiller).

Veterans and Military; High Camp Flask personnel are friendly and they give us a Discount. GO NAVY! We do it deeper and stay down longer

These come in Handy on Wild Turkey Range in the Texas Hill country.

Party On You Doers n Shakers

Best flask and tumbler EVER!

I had an Aged and Ore flask and it was ok, but I didn't like the tumblers that came with it or the fact that it was glass. I liked the idea, but always ended up just carrying the glass bottle anyways because I hated the tumblers so much. I absolutely LOVE my High Camp flask though. The small one is the perfect size for me and the tumblers are amazing. I find myself drinking my coffee, soda, whiskey, or whatever out of it because its so comfortable to hold in my hand and its the perfect size. Upon arriving my flask my first tumbler did not hold onto the flask like advertised and upon emailing High Camp flasks they immediately sent me a new stopper and a new tumbler to correct the problem (the defect was in my original topper). I cannot recommend this product enough and their customer service is just an amazing added bonus. You can't go wrong with a company that stands behind their stuff. I can assure you I will be buying more of these and the tumblers in the future!

"The Outdoor Flask to End all Flasks" - The Radavist