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June 02, 2023

Father's Day Gift Guide: Our Favorite Flasks For Dad

With Father's Day just around the corner, it’s easy to fall back on the old reliable gifts—another tie, a box of golf balls, but why not surprise him with something a bit more personal? A High Camp Flask, customized with a unique laser-engraved design and personal message, is the stylish, practical gift that Dad will never forget.

Don’t believe us? Read what one of our High Camp Customers, Bailey, said last Father’s Day:

This was the perfect Father's Day gift for my dad this year! He was amazed by how well made the flask is and can't wait to use it for outdoor concerts and beach trips. Plus, the custom flask engraving made it personal and special.

A personalized flask is more than just a container for dad’s favorite drink. It's a statement. It’s a gift that’s uniquely Dad's—his personality, his tastes, and his passions. This Father’s Day, we’ve curated a limited run of Father’s Day flask designs that will make your gifting super easy. Just pick a one of our 5 graphics and add your custom text. Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can start from scratch and design a one-of-a-kind custom engraved flask in minutes.

Below are a few ideas that dad’s of all types will surely love. But by all means, get creative and design your own!

For the Golf Dad

A Flask for His Favorite Birdie Shots

Father's Day Custom Golf Flask

Flask: High Camp Torch Flask
Graphic: Father’s Day Custom Golf Logo
Text: Dad’s Swing Lube

Every golf dad knows that a birdie on the course is a cause for celebration. What better way to toast these triumphs than with a sip from his very own Torch Flask? We love the Torch Flask on the course because it fits perfectly in a golf bag and holds just enough of a sipper to satisfy a full round.

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For The Margaritaville Dad

A Flask For His Legendary Mojito Recipe

Father's Day Palms Flask

Flask: High Camp Firelight 750 Flask
Graphic: Father’s Day Palms
Text: Here’s To You, Parrot Head

You know the type, Hawaiian shirts year round and Margaritaville radio in the car. Our Firelight 750 flask will hold an afternoon’s worth of his favorite Mojito Recipe, maybe a little less if he decides to share with the two integrated tumblers. Add the Palms logo and a personal message and he’ll be instantly transported to his own personal beach with every sip.

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For The Bourbon-Loving Dad

A Flask for His Nightly Old Fashioned

Flask: High Camp Firelight 375 Flask
Graphic: Father’s Day Myth & Legend
Text: Whiskey & Patience

The bourbon-loving dad understands the value of unwinding with a smooth, well-made old fashioned. His flask should be as refined as his pallet. A Firelight 375 is the perfect flask for the evening cocktail—big enough for a strong pour, easy to sip thanks to the integrated tumbler. Add our Myth & Legend graphic with a short personal message, and it'll feel like an exclusive visit to his favorite distillery every time he reaches for this flask. Sometimes the best nightcap is the one right at hand.

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For the Nostalgia Dad

A Flask for a Gin & Tonic That Pairs Perfectly With His Record Collection

Flask: High Camp Firelight 750 Flask
Graphic: Father’s Day Rad Dad
Text: Careful, Man, There’s A Beverage Here

For the dad who regularly quotes 80s and 90s comedy movies, we’ve got the Rad Dad Father’s Day Graphic. Put this design on our Firelight 750 flask, add a personal message, and he’ll have the perfect complement to his Talking Heads vinyl.

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Our Father's Day Custom Flask Collection Makes Finding A Unique and Memorable Gift So Easy!

A custom laser-engraved flask is not just a Father's Day gift - it's an experience. So this Father's Day, toast Dad, his style, his passions, and his unique personality. Our Father’s Day Custom Collection is the perfect place to start your gifting, or opt for full custom and design the flask that will be uniquely his.

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