Campfire Drinks and Storytelling

  • Paper Plane

    Take a whiskey sour and pump it up with some Italian liqueurs.... ta-da, you've got a Paper Plane.

  • Campfire Sling

    A campfire cocktail from Oak & Eden in collaboration with High Camp Flasks
  • Mr Evans

    A whimsically refined cabernet libation from Oak & Eden
  • Nevada Buck

    Frey Ranch's upgrade to the classic whiskey ginger.
  • Ranch Hand

    Ranch Hand - A spin on a Gold Rush from the farmers + distillers at Frey Ranch
  • Fern Gulpy

    Inspired by the unpolluted world of Fern Gully, this cocktail celebrates the smell of fresh air and the lighter side of dark spirits. Light as a fairy, this crisp and refreshing whiskey lowball cocktail, utilizes a unique combination of white vermouth, citrus & fresh garden herbs.
  • Ostrander Hut

    Ostrander Hut - A once in a lifetime hut trip with Wyoming Whiskey
  • American Werewolf

    A punchy gin cocktail with a vibrant burst of citrus from St. George Distillery 
  • Blackberry Quiote Smash

    A blackberry mezcal smash with a kick of citrus.
  • Mezcalita

    Mezcalita - The mezcal cocktail for people who don't think they like mezcal.
  • DIY Sous Vide Liqueurs

    We are “getting crafty” and making homemade liqueurs. Follow along as we develop one of a kind cocktail modifiers using Sous Vide’s Low-Temperature-Cooking (LTC) method.
  • Build Your Own Whiskey Bar for $100

    Buying cocktail ingredients for your home bar without a clear strategy can be a huge waste of time and money.  A liquor cabinet should be full of possibilities, not dead-ends of ingredients that you use once and still come up short for the next cocktail you attempt to whip up.