Introducing HCF UK Ambassador Lloyd Evans

December 15, 2020

Introducing HCF UK Ambassador Lloyd Evans

Lloyd Evans High Camp Flasks Ambassador

Lloyd Evans is a commercial photographer living in Bath, UK. Originally from Wales, he was brought up in the mountains. Specialising in landscape and outdoor photography - with his love for the dramatic he takes his inspiration from the cinematic and atmospheric throughout the world. Using his background in theatrical lighting design to help shape his work, travel photography has opened his eyes to the beauty of the world and the minute he comes back from a trip he's already planning the next one.

A new High Camp Flasks UK ambassador, Lloyd loves carrying a good spiced rum in his flasks and he recently shared his story and beautiful photos from a hike in northwest Wales:


Autumn colours and the feeling of Hiraeth. 

Our trip to Snowdonia National Park, was long awaited, not only a safe escape from lockdown but also - despite both being originally from Wales - my wife Sophie’s first visit here, and it was my first time during the autumn.

Snowdonia National Park is one of my favourite places in the world - set deep in the heart of North Wales it’s a place where stories are made with its magnificent scenery from rugged mountain ridges to those famous Welsh Waterfalls it’s beautiful no matter what time of year, but it was something I wanted to experience in my favourite season - and in early October, the golden hues of autumn were in full force.

It was our first adventure in a while and the first with our High Camp flask. The flask saw refreshing Welsh water at times and spiced rum at others during our trip. A spirit which has long been a favourite, and so warming in the autumn chill. 

With our cameras, a blanket packed and flask in hand we explored lots of pockets of the area. One memorable adventure was up to Llyn Idwal, a mountain lake in the heart of the Ogwen Valley. It was mostly still and quiet, and we sat by the water side taking in the views. 

For me Snowdonia has a magical quality about it and each time I’ve visited there it brings about this sense of calm and belonging. 

As we climbed down the rocky path through the valley we crossed a fast flowing waterfall and entered in to a towering gorge. When we reached the bottom we were greeted with the most incredible sunset: the sky lit up with a red glow from every direction.

Another place I had wanted to explore for so long, was Dinorwic quarry. A labyrinth of slate and A place you could easily get lost in for hours.  The grey-blue hues of the overwhelming amount of slate looks so dramatic in the landscape. As we walked around the quarry - high up in the mountain, at first all we could see was the slices of it piled high, some formed into slate shelters and slate walls, but soon we stumbled on some breathtaking views - with Snowdonia itself visible in the distance and a small quarry lake in the valley below.

Hiraeth is a Welsh word that is difficult to translate to English. The closest translation would probably be home sickness or that longing feeling, one translation that really resonates with me though is ‘a longing to be where your spirit lives’. 

I truly feel at home in the mountains.

It was an excellent adventure, and Sophie fell in love with the place as much as me. It was a road trip full of explosive sunsets, calming sunrises and exploring  lakes and mountains with our High Camp flask as our trusty companion. It’s a trip I won’t soon forget.


Lloyd & Sophie Evans

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