Oregon Father's Day Golf Adventure

June 02, 2021

Oregon Father's Day Golf Adventure

Locations that have become known as outdoor meccas don’t immediately bring to mind world glass golf courses but they often go hand in hand. With Father’s Day around the corner, we set out to plan the perfect father-son getaway to enjoy the great outdoors together. Such a trip wouldn’t be complete without a bike ride, a visit to a distillery and a round of golf, and it also goes without saying that our hotel would include a heated pool and hot tub in a picturesque setting. Finding a venue was a no brainer - Pronghorn Resort in Bend, OR. With prominent views of the snow capped Three Sisters, scenic bike paths, a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, this trip is destined to be the ultimate bonding trip with Dad.  

We set out early on a Sunday morning and packed our car to the gills. The entire drive through central Oregon was gorgeous but we really couldn’t believe how beautiful the property of Pronghorn was once we settled into our hotel room. Our balcony looked over the pool cabanas with backlit views of the Sisters at Sunset. Road buzzed after a 7 hour drive, we hit the hay early to prepare for day 1 on the Bend Itinerary. 

Day 1 - We got a late breakfast at the Victorian Cafe for an incredible greasy-spoon homestyle biscuits and gravy and then took our mountain bikes to the beginner-friendly trails of Philz World. We pedaled around until we burned off our morning carbs and took a drive over to Crater Lakes Spirits for some tasty cocktails. They rolled out the red carpet for us and took us on a tour of the distillery and then started rattling off incredible cocktail after incredible cocktail for us to sip on. My dad’s favorite was his go-to Tom Collins, which has  always been his apres adventure drink of choice, and I preferred an off-menu gimlet featuring their hazelnut espresso vodka. We bought some bottles to take with us for our round of golf the following day. For dinner we headed to On Tap for a good-ole food truck roundup, beers and live music, and then got back to Pronghorn to hit the hot tub for a late evening soak. 


Day 2 - Another slow morning, we lazed around the resort until it was tee time. We brought along some friends, connected our phones to our MNML golf bag speakers and jammed out to Steve Winwood Radio while playing bogey golf. We of course packed along some ice cold swing juice - Crater Lakes’ Rock & Rye - and got a par or two as a result. The course was pristine and the altitude had us hitting like Bryson DeChambeau. Our round devolved into extra long putting contests and outrageous prop bets and we finished 18 just in time to get a swim in before dinner. We then headed into town to Spork Restaurant for some mezcal old fashioned's and spicy asian-fusion entrees, followed up with some froyo to satisfy the sweet tooth. 


Day 3 - The thing about a trip to Bend is that it always ends with plans for your next trip to Bend. A weekend here is just not enough time to soak everything in, so we reluctantly packed up and told the Pronghorn staff that we’d see them again in the very near future. 


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