How Our Favorite Irish Whiskeys Pair With Some Of Our Favorite Activities

March 14, 2024

How Our Favorite Irish Whiskeys Pair With Some Of Our Favorite Activities

The month of March always gets us thinking about Irish whiskeys.

But it shouldn't just be St. Patrick's Day that calls for something from Éire. These are some of our favorite Irish whiskeys paired with some of our favorite activities.

The Best Irish Whiskey For The Golf Course

Our Pick: Redbreast 12 Cask Strength
Price: around $70

During our best rounds we want a cheerleader, during our worst, a shot of courage. In either case we’re reaching for Redbreast 12 Year Cask Strength in a 6-ounce Torch Flask. This cask-strength whiskey starts sweet and creamy, ramps up with some heat, then finishes with excellent oak and nutty flavors, a perfect pairing with golf on a cool spring morning or crisp fall afternoon. It’s a deeply enjoyable Irish whiskey that doesn’t come with a crazy unattainable price tag. It’s elevated birdie juice.

At High Camp Flasks, we love cask-strength bottles because they often deliver excellent value and the ability to fine tune your whiskey-drinking experience. Pour a quick, small portion in the Torch Flask’s integrated shot glass for a quick & powerful hit, or splash a little water from your water bottle in to take some bite out of your sipper. In either case, it’s far more than a generic airline-bottle shooter. For us, Redbreast turns a great round of golf into an unforgettable one, because let's face it, pured golf shot or long put deserve a dang fine Irish whiskey.

The Best Irish Whiskey For Around The Campfire

Our Pick: Connemara
Price: Around $40

Connemara whiskey is like the ultimate campfire buddy! Picture this: you're chilling around the fire, swapping stories, and taking in the great outdoors. Now, add in a sip of Connemara and you've just leveled up the experience! With its smoky kick and velvety smoothness, it's like a taste of Ireland's wild side in every drop. The peaty malt brings out this earthy vibe that feels like you're sipping straight from the rugged Irish landscapes. Plus, that perfect balance of sweetness and smokiness? It's like the campfire's soulmate, enhancing the whole vibe and making every moment by the fire even cozier. When the evening gets a bit chilly, Connemara's warmth and depth have got your back, wrapping you in a comforting hug of flavor. Crafted with love and tradition, it's not just whiskey—it's a whole experience.

So next time you're gathering 'round the flames, bring along a High Camp Firelight Flask full of Connemara and turn those moments into memories of pure relaxation and good times with friends.

The Best Irish Whiskey For A Cold Day

Our Pick: Bushmillls Original
Price: Around $20

On a cold day, there's no better companion than a comforting Irish Coffee, and Bushmills Original whiskey is the perfect choice to elevate this quintessential cocktail. With a heritage dating back to before Prohibition, Bushmills offers a smooth and warming taste that envelops the senses. Its blend of pure single malt and lighter grain whiskey, matured in bourbon and sherry casks, delivers rich vanilla and fresh fruit notes.

Just as Irish Coffee was crafted to warm weary travelers, Bushmills adds a touch of tradition and warmth to every sip, making it the ultimate remedy for chilly days. Mix one up using our favorite Irish Coffee recipe, fill a High Camp Firelight Flask® 750, and share with your friends or loved ones that need a warm up.

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