Which High Camp Flask Is Right For You?

January 25, 2023

Which High Camp Flask Is Right For You?

Three Flask Families - Five Unique Flasks - Each Designed For Your Favorite Drinks

With the launch of the Parkside Flask™ family in September 2023, High Camp now offers a full range of go-anywhere adventure flasks, each suited for its own style of beverage or adventurous use. Whether you prefer spirits and cocktails, or wine, or a flask that offers a bit more discretion, High Camp Flasks makes a product for you.

Firelight Flask™ Family - 

Our flagship collection, the Firelight Flask Family is what launched the High Camp Flasks brand. The Firelight Flask™ 750 was the world's first flask featuring magnetically integrated drinking tumblers. These flasks are designed for the spirits and cocktail lovers that want to be able to enjoy their favorite drinks anywhere. 

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Parkside Flask™ Family - 

Our newest collection of flasks, the Parkside Flask Family was designed with wine lover's in mind. With a new wine-specific tumbler design and updated colors, these flasks will elevate your next picnic, beach day, poolside hang, or any other outing. 

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The Torch Flask -

We didn't invent the pocket flask, but with the Torch Flask, we've redefined it. This is a pocket flask designed for premium spirits. Our most discrete flask, this will allow you to tote your favorite sipper on any adventure.

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Explore the Firelight Flask Family

When You Should Reach For The Firelight Flask™ 750

The stylish High Camp Firelight 750 Flask is designed for lovers of outdoor experiences and great company. This sleek stainless-steel flask makes a perfect companion on hikes, camping trips, or any journey off the beaten track. The Firelight 750 Flask is unique in that it allows you to share your favorite drinks anywhere—and easily!—thanks to its generous 750ml (25.4 oz.) capacity and two integrated tumblers. This flask will fit an entire bottle of spirits or 3-5 servings of your favorite mixed drink.

Firelight 750 Size & Link

Double-walled stainless-steel construction will keep your warm drinks hot and cool drinks chilled for up to 24-hours. Pro tip, the magnetic integrated tumblers are also double-wall insulated so they work just as well for an iced cocktail as a hot cup of coffee—your hand won’t feel the difference.

The Firelight 750 is also a great way to add a touch of sophistication to any social gathering, whether it's a picnic or a backyard barbecue. We think the Firelight 750 will allow you to celebrate adventure both far afield and close to home. With its elegant design, the High Camp Firelight 750 Flask is sure to be a favorite for any outdoors enthusiast that wants to pack a party.

When You Should Choose The Firelight Flask™ 375.

The High Camp Firelight 375 Flask is a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast. With 375ml (12.7 oz.) capacity and a single magnetic integrated tumbler, it’s the perfect size for carrying half a bottle of your favorite spirits, two to three pre-mixed drinks, or your morning coffee. Maybe you and your significant other have different tastes. Why not have two Firelight 375 Flasks so you can each bring-your-own favorite drinks anywhere?

Size of the Firelight 375 Flask

It’s durable stainless-steel construction means it is perfect for outdoor adventure, be it camping, a day at the beach, or a picnic in the park. The distinct style of our flask will surely generate some questions around the campfire. Whether you like to indulge in a classic or create something unique and flavorful, the High Camp Firelight 375 Flask is the perfect way to bring your cocktail creations with you wherever you go. It makes a great gift for friends and family, or just a perfect treat for yourself.

Explore the Parkside Flask Family

When You Will Enjoy The Parkside Flask™ 750

The High Camp Parkside Flask 750 is our premium wine flask. With enough capacity to fit an entire bottle of wine and two integrated stemless wine tumblers, it's an incredible accessory for group picnics, a day at the pool or beach, or any outing that would be complimented with a nice bottle of wine. With this flask, you can ditch the breakables and share your favorite wine anywhere. 

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The Parkside Flask 750 is made from ultra-premium stainless steel guaranteed to keep the flavor of your wine pure as you pack it to your next adventure. Plus, the vacuum-insulated flask will keep your wine chilled for up to 24 hours. The stemless tumblers will feel remarkably similar to your favorite at-home wine glasses. Our goal with this product was to maintain the integrity of the wine drinking experience with a product you could take anywhere. No need for a cooler, or separate cups. It's a fully contained wine-drinking experience for two.

When You'll Love The Parkside Flask™ 375

The Parkside Flask™ 375 is the smaller, personal-sized version of our wine-specific flask. With this flask you can be particular about the vintage you want to enjoy at your next picnic, cause it's your personal flask. With enough capacity to fit a half bottle of wine (about 2.5 glasses) and one magnetically integrated tumbler, its the perfect size for shorter or solo outings. Do you prefer red and your significant other prefers white? With two of these flasks, everyone always gets the style they prefer.

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Like the larger Parkside Flask 750, the 375 is made with the same ultra-premium stainless steel. It offers the same temperature control properties as the larger flask, keeping wine chilled for up to 24 hours. We think you'll love the feel of the integrated stemless wine tumbler. In the smaller size, this flask makes an excellent gift for wine-loving friends and family. Now you can take the wine country experience anywhere. 
Explore the Torch Flask

When You Will Want The Torch Flask

We designed High Camp Torch Flask as a pocket flask worthy of your premium bourbon or other fine spirit or cocktail. The drinking experience with this flask is unmatched among similar flasks of its size—stainless-steel construction, an electro-gloss interior that won’t taint the taste of your drink, an integrated shot glass for sipping, double-wall insulation for temperature control (you can even add ice!), and an easy screw-off cap for filling and cleaning. See if your old aluminum pocket flask checks any of those boxes.

With 6 oz. capacity, the Torch Flask is the tool you need if you like to bring a sipper of something on your camping trip, hike, picnic, or any other adventure. Lightweight and slim for easy transport yet sturdy and finely finished, the Torch Flask easily slips in your pocket or bag—think golf bag, bike frame bag, beach tote, or fanny pack.

Size of the High Camp Torch Flask

This thing is so much nicer than the average chintzy pocket flask, you’re sure to get compliments when you pull it out at the campfire, on the ski lift, at the wedding reception or more.

Another great gifting option, for friends and loved ones that value a nice drink, the Torch Flask is quickly becoming a High Camp Customer favorite on its own, or as a compliment to one of our larger flasks.

When You Need The Highball Shaker On Hand

You gotta mix a great drink before you can fill one of our flasks and bring that great drink on your next adventure. So if you own a High Camp Flask, then you probably should own a Highball Shaker 😉.

But seriously, the High Camp Highball Shaker is perfect for anyone who loves making and drinking delicious cocktails. True to our Cabin-to-Campfire ethos, our shaker looks sexy. It’s right at home on the countertop of your home bar, ready for whatever you want to mix up. Like our flasks, the shaker is double walled ensuring that your drinks stay cold and undiluted. You’ll experience less ice melt as you shake your cocktail, and your hand won’t feel the cold or melt the ice in your drink when you use it as a 10 oz. Highball glass. And lest we forget, the Highball Shaker can also work as a can koozie for most standard 16-oz beer or beverage cans.

The High Camp Highball Shaker is great for professional bartenders or home enthusiasts alike. It’s durable, adventure-ready and a totally unique drink shaker—plus so much more.

Size of the Highball Shaker

When You Will Want Our Firelight Tumblers Or Torch Shot Glasses.

We like to think about our Firelight Tumblers and Torch Shot Glasses in a few ways.

First, they’re great compliments to other High Camp Products. Pair a Firelight Tumbler 2-pack and a Firelight 750 Flask, and you have a go-anywhere party.

Second, these are pretty sweet drinking vessels in their own right. The sleek six-shooter design is both eye-catching and feels great in your hand. We’ve had customers use them for everyday drinkware in their homes, camper vans, or cabins. They work well for travel. These tumblers are a huge step up from a paper cup when you’re making hotel-room coffee or raiding the mini bar.

With their durable stainless-steel construction & electro-polished interior that won’t taint a drink’s flavor, our Firelight Tumblers and Torch Shot Glasses make any drinking experience better.

Size of High Camp Tumblers & Shot Glasses