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Firelight 750 Flask


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    Designed to be shared, the Firelight 750 transports your favorite whiskey or cocktail to any cheers-worthy adventure.

    This 3-piece bar set includes two 6-Shooter Tumblers and a 750ml Vacuum Insulated Flask - enough to fit an entire fifth of your favorite spirit or a full bottle of wine… to share, and cheers of course.

    Weighing just 29oz, it’s designed to pack easily for your rough and tumble lifestyle. The 6-Shooter Tumblers secure to your Flask using our magnetic lock system (patent-pending) and the vacuum insulation keeps your spirits at a preferred drinking temperature right in your pack. The tumblers are double-walled, so it works great for both hot and cold beverages

Customer Reviews

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Todd Mittelstadt
I recommend the stainless steel finish

The flask is great and does its job and with style. Unfortunately, the finish can be damaged If accidentally put in the dishwasher. The manufacturer absolutely warns about this. Unfortunately, my memory around special care only lasted a few years and I made a mistake. I decided to write about this on this product review page with a recommendation to buy the stainless version and for the manufacturer to etch somewhere “handwash only”. To my surprise, an owner of the company reached out and explained that additional language would diminish the intended appearance. I was reminded that special care is detailed in a couple of ways, written care instructions, and an online video. More unexpected I was sent a pair of tumblers as a kindness. I certainly appreciate the company's interest in customer concerns and the kindness they offered.

Hey Tom - I reached out to you directly to figure out how we can assist. We 100% include care & use instructions in the box, on our website (https://highcampflasks.com/pages/faq) and in our FAQ video (at the 3:08 timestamp). In each place we advise customers to hand wash your flasks for this very reason and we specifically call out that it should not be put in the dishwasher. Per your review heading, we also do not recommend putting the stainless steel flask in the dishwasher either. Its a matte-polish and the dishwasher will erode its shine over time.

Tianay Friend

Thank you for making such an INCREDIBLE flask ! Went up to the neighbors for a nice fire under a truly Beautiful star lite sky tonight.And was so Happy I had my new , Cool ,Flask to take my own Gin and Tonic . And , of course had to have show and tell about ‘ what in the world is that thing you have ? ‘…😬👍 can,t wait to use it for my coffee as well .🥰😘❤️

John Davis
Best Travel Bar Accessory Ever!!

I bought my first High Camp Flask about 4 years ago and it has been an indispensable travel companion ever since. I have one of the 750's and two of the smaller 375's which allow me to bring an assortment of mixers and liquor combinations when I travel. The stainless steel magnetic tumblers are an awesome way to enjoy cocktails whether you're in your hotel room, at the beach, or camping. Durable, stylish and they keep drinks cold longer than glassware. Truly a gift that will impress anyone who enjoys the outdoors and likes to bring the 'Spirits' with them when they go. I've gifted all my adult kids with their own and they all love them. This is one of the best items you can gift anyone, and lets be honest they look seriously badass!!

Karin Jackson
Great product

I have this to my son-in-law for Christmas. He loved it! He loved the color, the magnetic cups, the size. He showed it to his dad, and I'm pretty sure you'll be getting some more business from our family soon.

Andrew Pate
Best Flask Ever

The design on these flasks is amazing. I have tried many flasks over the years and there is simply no better solution for bringing my favorite bourbon to share with friends and family than this. It holds a whole bottle so there is plenty to share and the 2 tumblers that magnetically snap onto the top and bottom are perfect because you don't have to hunt down a plastic cup or worry about gathering and juggling your glass when it's time to head out.
This is the perfect flask for a weekend trip or to bring to a gathering.
Also picked up 2 375's for gifts.
I'll be keeping a lookout for every product High Camp makes in the future.

"There is simply no more badass way to carry a batch of booze than this" - Paste Magazine