About Our Early Holiday Special

For a limited time, we are giving customers a FREE Tumbler 2-Pack with their purchase of $49 or more.

This gift will automatically be added to your cart once your cart value meets the $49 order threshold. It will automatically be removed from the cart if your cart value drops below $49...no code needed.

You read that correctly. Spend $49 at High Camp Flasks, and we'll give you our sweet 11 oz. six-shooter tumblers (a $49 product) for free!


How Long Will This Last?

While supplies last. We have limited inventory of these free gifts. Once they're gone, the promotion will end. Shop now to get your FREE $49 gift!

How Do I Redeem My Gift?

Once your cart reaches a value of $49. The free gift will automatically be added. If your cart value drops below $49, it will be automatically removed. No codes code or special steps required.

Can I Choose My Color?

Unfortunately no. These free gifts are made available based on product inventory levels. We will cycle through different colors over the course of the promotion however the free gift that is automatically added to your cart is the free gift you will be receiving.

While we wish we could give you the option, we do hope you'll be excited about it no matter what since it's a free $49 product. Our tumblers are awesome, and they come packaged in a beautiful felt case. This free product will make an excellent gift for someone if you don't end up liking the color.

Can I Return Or Exchange My Free Gift?

We will not be accepting returns or exchanges on these free gifts. They make an amazing gift. If you don't like it, consider giving it to someone who will. It'll be an easy (and super affordable) way to check someone off your list.

I Don't Want This Gift. What Do I Do?

Hey, to each his or her own. If you really don't want your free gift, simply remove it during checkout.

I'm Still Having Problems. Can You Help Out?

Absolutely, don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about getting a free gift with your order.