N/A Smoky Negroni

February 19, 2021

N/A Smoky Negroni

Whether you're trying to be healthier or you are practicing sobriety, sometimes a delicious non-alcoholic drink is just what the doctor ordered. In our search for tasty mocktails we came across Curious Elixirs - pre-mixed drinks that give the satisfying taste and bite of a cocktail without the hangover. Not only do their  variety of beverages serve as great substitutes for some of our favorite classic drinks, they also include healthy ingredients like superfoods and adaptogens to give you a better kind of buzz.

Since the elixirs come ready to drink, you can carry one in your flask with minimal effort and have something tasty to drink on your adventure. With a little creativity you can even add some extra flair to their mixes:

Smoky Negroni (directions for 375/750

  • Freeze 4/12 oz. of water in your flask overnight.
  • Add one/two Curious No. 1 to the flask
  • Cut an orange in half, roast it over the fire cut-side-down a little bit to get it smoky and kind of caramelized
  • Squeeze the juice from the roasted orange into the flask and shake
  • Use the smoky orange peel as garnish