September 23, 2020


There's nothing more refreshing than a sea breeze in your hair and the smell of the ocean. While most gin usually evokes wintery, pine filled surroundings, we find this aptly named drink reminds us more of a day at the beach... and we love it.

Single Serving/Firelight 750 To-Go

  • 1.5 oz/7 oz gin (we recommend Gray Whale)
  • .5 oz/2.5 oz salted simple syrup
  • .5 oz/2.5 oz fresh lime juice
  • 4 oz/18.5 oz soda water
  • 6/24 mint leaves

To make salted syrup, combine 1 tsp. of sea salt with 1.5 cups of simple syrup. Add mint, simple, lime and gin to shaker with ice and shake for 3-4 seconds. Pour all ingredients into your ice-filled 375 or 750 and top with soda water then garnish with a mint sprig.