Custom engraved cocktail shakers, flasks and tumblers make for the perfect gift for graduates, groomsman, and dads

April 13, 2022

Our Perfect Graduation Gift Guide

Graduating into the world of sipping fine spirits is a right of passage that often takes place right around the time that the cap and gown come off. I began crafting my palate for whiskey as my college housemates and I decided to work our way through the Spaghetti Western movies during our senior year of college. For the first time we were sipping bourbon instead of shooting it, and it felt, well, adult. It also burned a little, but we got used to it. 

My diploma hangs on my wall just to the right of my computer monitor that I’m looking at as I type this right now. It reminds me of my friends that I studied with, my late nights in the library, and how damn good it felt to hug my parents wearing my cap and gown. Not to get all mushy, but college is hard and it's an accomplishment worth celebrating over and over again. In our lifetime, it's one of the biggest milestones we might ever individually achieve. Whether it’s a vocational school, a bachelor’s degree or graduate school, it's a milestone worth commemorating with something you’ll hold onto for the rest of your life. It reminds us that when times are tough, we can put our noses to the grindstone and push on. Sometimes, a little nip of whiskey helps too!

We designed our Firelight Flask to be a gift that lasts a lifetime and to invite anyone who is celebrating a milestone to share toasts with loved ones. Whether a graduate you know is undertaking an adventure to take their first job in a new city, or indulging in a worldwide walkabout, we believe showing your support is best done through a custom gift - something special that demonstrates how proud you are of your favorite graduate. 

When giving a sentimental gift, I always find myself verklempt and thinking of a concise, impactful or funny engraving feels overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of potential engravings below to help you break through your writer’s block. Once again, whiskey also helps! Just be sure to double-check for typos. 

  • Wit and wisdom
    • Classic quotes
      • "Do or do not, there is no try." ~ Yoda
      • “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” ~ Anais Nin
    • Personal sayings
      • Don't take life too seriously. After all, no one makes it out alive
      • Attitude = Everything
      • Onward & Upward
      • Life’s too short to drink bad whiskey
  • Alumni pride
    • Fight songs lyrics
    • School mottos
    • Fraternity/ Sorority letters

  • Sentimental
    • I’m damn proud of you

Check out our options for engraved products here:

Lastly, if you’re hosting or attending graduation parties this spring and want to be the best party guest, make sure don’t show up empty-handed. Mix up some of these batch cocktails to kick off the celebration: BATCH COCKTAIL RECIPES