Pappy & Company Maple Bourbon Sours

October 27, 2020


If you're a whiskey lover the name "Pappy" will certainly ring a bell - the Van Winkle family has been making whiskey for 4 generations and their bottles are now notoriously sought-after.

The women owned Pappy & Company was founded by sisters, Louise, Carrie and Chenault Van Winkle. They were inspired by the guiding principles of their great grandfather Pappy Van Winkle: to always create the best using the best. Seeing an opportunity to grow their legendary bourbon heritage into a lifestyle brand, Pappy & Company was born. 

Pappy & Company Founders


We worked with the Pappy & Company crew to create a custom set of flasks and holsters to compliment their line of whiskey-related offerings. This beautiful combo is available for Pappy lovers HERE

Pappy & Company Flask with Orox HolsterCo-branded Pappy & Company HolsterPappy & Company Custom Engraved Cobranded Flask


Maple Bourbon Sours

This tasty fall-inspired drink embracthose Southern bourbon-filled roots and makes a great cocktail to pack for any autumn adventure.

Single Serving/Firelight 750 To-Go

    Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled.
 Strain into your 375 or 750 ice-filled flask. Garnish with lemon.

    Want to make custom cobranded flasks and accessories for your brand or non-profit? Email us:

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