The Irish Whiskey Maid

March 16, 2021

The Irish Whiskey Maid

This year we could definitely all use a little luck of the Irish. In honor of one of our favorite holidays - because who doesn't love an excuse to drink? - we reached out to Ransom Spirits. Their Emerald 1865 is (technically) an American whiskey, but it's renowned for being close to a classic Irish whiskey... and it's well worth searching for. We figured this made it the perfect choice for our Saint Patrick's Day cocktail. Sláinte!


Single Serving/Firelight 750 To-Go

• 2 /12 oz Ransom Emerald 1865 (or an Irish style whiskey)
• 1 / 6 oz fresh lime juice
• 0.75 / 4 oz simple syrup
• 3 /15 slices Japanese cucumber, muddled
• 2 /10 fresh mint leaves and cucumber slice for garnish


In a shaker glass, combine whiskey, lime juice, simple syrup and cucumbers and muddle together. Add ice and shake vigorously. Fine strain into your ice-filled Firelight 350 or 750. Garnish with fresh cucumber and mint sprig through the middle.